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Our Mission

1st Wave cleaning services provides you with a reliable, safe and detailed oriented cleaning services specialized in commercial and residential clients. We offer prompt services to keep your project schedule on time. We take pride in treating your project like our own. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our services from the larges account to the smallest account and we will never be satisfied until our customers are.

Our employees are our strength and back bone of the company, therefore, we offer our employees with an honest, safe, positive and productive atmosphere were individually or in team, can dedicate themselves to providing our customers with an exceptional service and professional integrity.

An important part of our VALUE is to deliver practices that promotes and enhances human health and environment protection by ways of utilizing some products that does not contain ammonia, chlorine or other harsh chemicals. We believe that cleaning products should be highly effective as well as safe for the benefit of our employees, customers and the environment. We strive for GREEN.

Home Cleaning

We understand your home is important to you, and we know that when your home is clean, you're happy. Here at 1st Wave Cleaning we strive to make home cleaning a hallmark of the company; Whether it be a small spill or continuous cleaning services, our team is ready to make sure your home is to your liking. Below you will find a brief overview of our home cleaning services and what is provided for each service.

Bedroom Cleaning

Windows/Window Frames, Blinds, Furniture, Light Fixtures, Floor Base, Vacuum, Carpet Wet/Dry Methods, Closet.

Bathroom Cleaning

Mirrors, Sanitize/Disinfect Bathroom, Tile, Bathtub, Shower Fixtures, Faucet, Cabinet, Sink, Sweep/Mop Floors, Toilet.

Living RoomCleaning

Windows/Windows Frames, Blinds, Furniture, Light Fixtures, Floor Base, Vacuum, Carpet Wet/Dry Methods, Sweep/Mop.

Kitchen Cleaning

Cabinets (Interior/Exterior), Faucet Fixtures, Sinks, (All) Counter Top Surfaces, Drawers/Cabinets, Stove/Refrigerator (Interior/Exterior), Microwave, Sweep/Mop.

Office Cleaning

1st Wave Cleaning Services also offers professional office cleaning  and janitorial services that help you keep your business running in a clean and organized way; because we believe that's the way it should be.

Post - Construction Cleaning

Construction work can get messy, and we know that after everything is complete, you'd love to leave the area clean and looking new. 1st Wave Cleaning services offers professional post - construction cleaning services to help you accomplish just that. Below are some of the services offered and a sample work plan that can give you an idea of how we clean.

Prep Cleaning

Rough Cleaning

Final Cleaning

Pressure Washer Services

Windows Cleaning

Floor Waxing

Parking Lot Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Construction Debris Removal

Sample Work Plan

Mobilization: send all supplies and work signs to the job site, and store supplies at designated areas. Our supervisor on site conducts a weekly safety meeting and daily SPA including all PPE every morning before start working.

We start with the heavy trash removal, and dispose of trash at designated area. Once the room has been cleared of heavy trash, removal of dust from windows and all locations applicable will take place. Removal of paint marks, plastic protection and stickers on windows and were ever the room may have them will also be done. While cleaning higher location such as windows or light fixtures we stand on a flat secure surface using extension poles, ladders, scissors lift or boom lift. All equipment including PPE will be certify and inspected daily. We use fall protection when applicable per OSHA standards.

After dust removal has been completed from all surfaces we start cleaning windows using proper cleaning methods, then continue cleaning counter tops, mill/cabinets, floor base, crown molding, doors, door frames, sink, refrigerator, stoves inside and outside, bathrooms including showers, toilets, sink, mirrors, etc. Last is the vacuuming with a HEPA VAC and moping depending of what is needed.

This work plan is just a sample. Each job has its own specific needs and requirements that will be added to the work plan as needed.

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